Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Networking... I guess it's kinda important.

Ok I went for like weeks, maybe a month, without really talking to ANYONE I knew from High School =P. I'm doing absolutely fine with everything; new school, new people, new life, etc. - but DAMN I really miss some people. After hanging out with movies and dinner, I just had to get my facebook back up so that I AT LEAST know how people are doing. To be honest, Facebook... I find it really boring, but it's helpful. For me at least, it seems impossible to keep in touch with people with just my text messages or "once in a while phone calls". I don't even use AIM, I don't know why I don't but... yeah I just don't lol.

So here's the little plan I came up with:
Start up Facebook to create a network, and use blogspot so I can keep in touch with reality in general.

The past month I pretty just spent my time going to school, taking my notes, doing homework, studying like a good boy, and then helping out at my dad's store. Not much time to even touch my games, which I couldn't even do if i wanted to since daddy still has his hands over it at night.

..STOP! - lol, yeah... sounds like a pretty lame life-style, but to be honest, I haven't been so happy in a long time. Sure people around me are having fun drinking and partying... but for me. Nah, I don't want any part of it. You be happy your way and I'll be happy my way. Let's keep that line of respect.

I get good grades. I mean like THE BEST EFFIN GRADES I'VE HAD SINCE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL =D! I got a 103 on my math exam this week. It's 103 because it was scaled since almost everyone in the class failed, which I just don't get. They seem to like not care about the $40,000+ a year they put into school. Might as well take that loan money just to burn it. Besides that the actual work is really basic and simple. Quadratic formula, and all the factoring; simple stuff man=P

Hmm, damn it feels nice to type out what I think. It's just like drawing or painting stuff when you're listening to good music or after a good experience. Like you got that good stuff all bottled up, and when you let it out it's even better. Plus this is a blog so I can look back on it like a journal, pretty friggin neat. When I first started this thing I just wanted to "share" my thoughts, but you know what I'm also fine with just sharing it with myself. What do they call that? reflection? Yeah I think so...

I've got a lot to talk about... but I'll leave it for tomorrow. A lot of good things happened this week. I think, this is the best year of my life yet.


  1. tehe ive just covered quadratic formula, factorising and completing the square

    I also work in my mum & aunties shop (chinese take away XD)

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