Thursday, November 12, 2009

Business is Business

Well I just got home from a long day... Traffic in the morning, delays on the train, and a late presentation >.< At least that's one presentation taken care of, I've got two on the way, and they need to get worked on soon. But... When I came home I realized something.

So I was like hang on a second... this tie looks really nice with my shirt =D And these vest and pants too. I don't know if it's a bad thing, but shit I really like wearing a suit. It's a lot more of a hassle than throwing on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, but when you walk down the state house all fresh and well-dressed, there's a good feeling in it. I'm a guy, but damn, dressing up is pretty nice lol.

Two of my presentations don't require me to wear a suit but I wore it anyway for the day since a close friend of mine, Michelle, and I wanted to go out and try this restaurant called Ma Soba.


We walked in and we were just so blown away by how nice and fancy it all was. The service was great too, they operated just like a 4-star restaurant with the way they handled our finished courses. Of course we weren't used to eating at a high-end restaurant so when we gave into temptation and started eating our sashimi, they took away our main entrees with food still on it =( My bowl of miso soup.. damn. Even though the service was top-notch; the prices really didn't match them. Our meals were ONLY $17.00 each, and our stomachs were satisfied. It was pretty amazing. I could go to Kagawa and order a plate of unagi on rice for $15 and I'd still be hungry =P.

The sushi is simply first-class. They look as good as the picture as they are on the actual plate.

Hmm other than the restaurant and finishing my presentation nothing else really happened. But while Michelle and I were chatting about how people blog or use facebook, I realized how important and really self-rewarding it is to blog. My grandfather up until his death kept entrees in his journal daily. It was all for himself to read. I'm pretty sure at first it must've been a little lame, but when those entrees build up year after year, it's just so nice to look back on it. I'll probably keep updating this blog several times a week, and then when the year ends I'm gonna go through each and every posts xD just like my grandfather with his journal.

But I just wish more Americans would try blogging, in a positive manner of course. I've seen some pretty damn negative Blog entrees from Americans. But now a days when I go browsing through other people's blogs, I only occasionally come across a US blog. It's pretty easy to see why though. Facebook is just so huge in America, there's a UK version but I don't think as many people use it as Americans do. Sure it's easy and it's a powerful tool to network with friends, but you don't get as much as you would from keeping a blogging network. Personal blogging is dying in the US... I remember when Xanga and LiveJournal was super popular, now no one touches it. It's all about facebook =P. I have a facebook too, but I only find it useful for networking. All the fun is in blogging out your thoughts and experiences throughout the week, and it becomes a lot more valuable when you look back and reflect on it.


  1. That sushi looks delicious! Thank you for checking out my blog; I've just subscribed to yours. Glad to meet another anime fan!

  2. i still use LiveJournal but not much XD

    tasty food and nice suit :)