Thursday, November 5, 2009

Time to reinvent?

Ok this week I bought an album. That's right I didn't pirate, I actually used up some cash to buy Lain Trzaska's aka SHE 's album "Orion". And damn, I thought I heard some good electronic/techno music but Lain's stuff is just really a new generation of the genre. Before learning the SHE is Lain Trzaska I was like dying to know who SHE really was. So I did some research and it turns out that, yeah, SHE was actually a he who made his first debut in Japan somewhere in 2009. So this guy really was new (well I think 1 year is new) and something about that, I don't know what- made me want to give music a try. I mean I've always got something to listen to, and listening to music is something I really like. Before whenever it came to things that had to do with "creativity" + recreation it was just drawing and painting. But I can't really do that as often anymore, so that makes me a saaaad panda. So why not try making music? AT LEAST try ya know, and see how it goes.

So I spent the whole night yesterday looking up guides and all, and found of list of things I needed. So I got pretty much all the software to make a song, but no hardware. Hardware isn't an absolute necessity, but it's pretty damn close... By hardware I mean like, strong speakers so you can really hear how the music works and a keyboard to make music along with computer software.


I honestly had no idea of what to do in the beginning. Once I did start to get the hang of some things it was still complicated as hell lol. BUT the hardest part, is actually coming up with the music. My mind's all set and used to coming up with ideas in drawings and all but thinking up "music" is totally different. Same concept of creativity but completely different mediums. It can sound frustrating to try to learn something like this when you already know so much of something else, but to me its really refreshing. It's something new and different to me, and it's fun as hell.

This really reminds me of all the times I doodled in elementary school. When you're given a clean slate with hammer and chisel in hand you can think of ANYTHING you want to do without being tied down by any prior experience.

Good and innocent times back then. Even now it's like the best stress reliever ever to try something new and creative.

Hmm, well besides the stuff I've been doing on my spare time nothing much has really happened during this week besides getting AWESOME grades =D. Even though I goto Suffolk I don't really know my way around the city at all. On Tuesday I went around to eat and explore Borders with Michelle. God I'm so glad I have a close friend to show me around lol. I've been lost so many times driving so it pretty much traumatized from going anywhere new, even on foot. So thanks to Mich I discovered how close everything was around Boston lol.

Today I brought up some courage and walked around the streets around Suffolk. Beacon Hill is like one of the biggest hills I've ever seen. Plus it's all covered by the city so it's pretty cool to think about it as a whole. When I got to Cambridge Street I found a bunch of cool restaurants to try. The First one I really want to try is "Ma Soba". I honestly don't know exactly what kind of restaurant it is, besides Oriental. When I walked by it I saw lots of businessmen and women eating in fancy suits and stuff. The table, glass cups, forks, were reaaaal fancy lookin. At first I thought it was a Japanese restaurant because of the bento lookin trays they had but then when I looked at the menu I saw Thai, Indian, Chinese, and VIETNAMESE food =D. They only had one Vietnamese entree but still I gotta try it, it's affordable too; a bit expensive but still affordable.

Back to FL Studio, one of these days I'll make a complete song, and if I don't feel good from making it then that's it for music making and back to Drawing and designing =P I'll end this blog with some She for anyone reading...

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