Sunday, November 22, 2009

Another Weekend, boring too.

Another boring weekend =P. I was going to go out and chill with a friend but I ended up going home after and passing out on the bed. I wish we all didn't have to sleep so often. Even right now I feel like taking a nap but then i know I'll wake up at 12 or something and not go to sleep until 5 in the morning. So now I'm sitting here, burned out from hours of Call Of Duty...

To kill boredom I took a look at my old posts, and noticed some obvious differences in writing styles. I don't know why I prefer to type in good grammar now. b4 it waz jus leik talkin in sum online game wit all dat game-slang. n then it was jus regular aim writing where i would spell sum things rite but its not all rite. And now finally I just write as if I was writing some kind of paper. Some of the stuff that comes out is pretty awkward sounding when I read it, but it's a hell lot better than the blogs I've had before on Xanga. The reason I wanted to blog in the beginning was to see I change over time. Usually you'd think that you're relatively the same person throughout your life, but there's always small changes. I don't know how to describe my blogs from 2003 or 2004. "It was definitely written by a little kid, a bit over-energetic, and the blogs were a chore to read." - is probably what anyone would think of it as if they read it. But yeah... blogging is really showing its usefulness once I started reading back.

I could be making music too, but I just don't feel like it. It could be the busy week... it probably is... I barely have like an hour to play games and relax, the rest of the time is usually for sleeping which I already cut up to watch anime. AHHH I wish this semester could end sooner. But in my boredem I found some real funny youtube videos. They used autotuning to edit newscasts into songs.

It's pretty entertaining too lol. It also made me think about the ways synths are used in music. Like you can also make your own unique sounds by playing around with oscillators and all those knobs with it. By using pre-recorded clips of japanese phonetics (Ka,Shi,Hi, etc.) and plugging them into a DAWS (Digital Audio Workstation) Hatsune Miku was born.

No one sung it, it's all completely done by computer. She's practically a virtual idol in Japan. Kinda like a story of the future when you look at it.

Well that's all for today, today's just one of those "laziness" days.

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  1. i like reading bck on my blog posts too ^^

    its more fun than keeping a journal i think ^^