Monday, November 30, 2009

My mom stuffed the Thanksgiving Turkey with noodles.

One whole week of not blogging, shame on me =P. Nothing really exciting happened anyway to be honest. Again and again I'm being bombarded by loads of schoolwork. Same business I've had the past 2 months BUT it's almost over xD. The big business presentation is coming up on Friday, Math exam on Wednesday, Japanese exam next Monday, English papers due tomorrow (which I skillfully completed a week early =D), and then finally Final exams in mid December. I seriously can't wait til winter Break. So much free time to do whatever I want yessss... but chances are I'll probably sit at home and chill and then go out like only 2 or 3 times a week lol.

Now that I think about it, I haven't really planned anything at all for Winter Break... There was a Christmas Get-Together-Party I was going to plan with Mich but other than that I haven't really thought about my other old friends. As people get older and older you'll have different groups of friends, they can hang with eachother if you yourself act as a bridge between groups but other than that they're like a separate culture. That's the case I've got here, and I don't want to leave my other groups of friends in the dark. When I went to visit them, they said "Herro, I miss you Thanh!" and all but I didn't really talk back to them as much. And I feel bad for it =(. I've gotta plan some get-together with them too... better than sitting home and playing games all day lol.

Hehe, I like the pictures I find..

=P Don't want to get too ahead of myself though... I've never worked so hard in school in my life. On Sunday I actually commuted to Boston, not to have fun, but to work together with my team for the upcoming Business Presentation. Sometimes I would try to tell myself, "Pfft, its just a presentation, play WoW for now and wing it on the day it's due", but it's a grade that pretty much determines whether or not I pass or fail the course, plus the CEOs that come are nasty... So in the end I met up with my team in a bagel shop Sunday, and we researched and came up with strategies to present... FOR 6 HOURS! DJKSLJDKLALJDOSADKSLADKLMADA. My precious Sunday was spent on working..
  on my commute home I had a big sad face the entire ride lol. Rather than hopping onto my laptop for some recreation I spent another hour doing Japanese and Math Homework. By the time I finally got to the game I was miserable and just sat in Ventrilo without saying a word to my friends. And now I'm sitting in the library blogging my brains out before I hit the books again lol.

On another note, my Thanksgiving break was nice and relaxing. I turned down a party a friends house, don't know why, but I just didn't want to go =P. The day after that was Thanksgiving, and man was it good. Nice juicy, succulent tuuuurkey YES xD. And since it was an asian turkey of course there were some asian cuisine put into the meal. I was a little disappointed that we couldn't go spend the Holiday at a relatives place but just eating and then relaxing is good enough for me too. Like after the turkey fest I literally walked over my bed and passed out for 2 hours lol.

Other than eating turkeys, the short break was pretty damn uneventful, I met up at a friends house for a few poker games but that was it. The only thought provoking thing I've had so far before typing this post is something I saw in my Japanese class. Tokyo ni Sashin ga desuyoo =D Our sensei showed us pictures from a class in 2007 that spend a week in Tokyo, Kyoto, Ginza, and Harakuji. Japan definitely has a totally different feel from America just from looking at those pictures.

The pictures sensei showed us are a lot different from the pictures you would see on google. For one the pictures were taken by an amateur photographer so theres a personal feel to it. It gives the picture a very real feeling. Japan gives off that Asian atmosphere you would find in any Asian country, and then mixes it up with it's own taste to stand out from the other nations. There were pictures of sumo wrestling, kabuki theatres, high-end japanese restaurants/inns, and fish markets lol. Then there were the sakura trees. For some reason professional photography and anime references for sakura trees don't do em justice. They're so pretty when its photographed casually. The first semester is going to be over so soon... and then the 2nd semester will fly by just as quick, then BAM onto the plane to Japan. I just can't help thinking about it even though in reality it's still going to be months before I have to go. But there's also one thing I want to mention....


I don't know if its just Harakuju that has this kind of fashion trend, but damn it's like... o.o lol. I'm not saying the fashion is bad, it's just so unique I don't know how to react to it. This isn't a very good picture to represent Japanese fashion by the way... The pictures that sensei took of people in Harakuju had people in flamboyant warm colored clothing too. The guy in sensei's picture had his pants unzipped and literally flapping around. Apparently he had on "fashionable" boxers with pockets to stick his hands in lol. His girlfriend was pretty much the same as the girls in the picture above but with warmer colors. She also had a random bow in her hair which really didn't fit in place... I've had friends that put bows in their hair and they do a lot better then the Japanese girl...

Maybe it's just people living in Harakuju or Shibuya that have this fashion. The pictures of people Kyoto and students at their Universities look really really normal - like the typical 20 yr-olds in America. I haven't looked at the way people dress in Hong Kong or other asian countries beside Vietnam and Korea, but from what I've seen they have a few people who have that kind of fashion. I remember in Vietnam I saw a couple with the same fashion sense as those Harakuju pictures (to do that in Vietnam u gotta be SUPER rich) and then in Korea... actually in Korea I don't think I saw anyone with that sort of fashion. Most people were usually wearing the kind of "mature" businessy/stylish look of clothing. Like you could tell what they wore was high-end and at the same time they all had a reserved look. It really gives the message of "I'm cool" instead "I'm hip".

I'm not into fashion and all but its damn interesting seeing how differently people dress in other countries. T-shirt n jeans is all I need anywayz =D. Alright enough procrastinating back to work... I should try to post more often, if I got back to read my blogs it'd be lame to look at a week-long gap between posts.

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  1. i love the loita fashion in japan (drool)

    and I guess Hong Kong is normal ordinary wear ( a little more cuter), but when I went to Mong Kok there were quite alot of stylish girls.

    I hope all your hard work pays off