Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The WoW Binge

Yes for winter break I moved up to the snowy mountains dragging a 26,400 foot long cable wire to bring the interweb with me as I secluded myself from the rest of society. I spent nearly the entire winter break playing WoW lol. Hmm to be ashamed or not be ashamed, I'll just say I'm a little ashamed since it's not something worthy of praise. I did go out a good number of times though so I can't classify myself as a Hikikomori, but I came pretty damn close. It's weird seeing how I can change depending on what time of year it is. By time of year I mean like during the months I'm in school studying away or on break and playing WoW -_-. It probably doesn't mean much now, but this is a good time to take a note for myself and watch out for changes in my living habits, because in the future when I don't have to go to school, it would only take a small notion of laziness to just separate myself from everyone and enjoy the rest of my life in self-indulgence.

Well at least its easy to get in and out of hibernation mode and get back to work. Up until the last day of break I was still playing WoW heavily, and sleeping really late at night. Then when school started up I woke up at 5:30 in the morning with no problems and I was all geared up and ready to receive some education. I guess that would count as one of my few good traits lol. But still... there needs to be more of balance between the two lifestyles.

When I'm in hibernation mode I pretty much toss out all of my productive activities for the day and do whatever I feel like doing. If I feel like sitting home and being lazy then thats what I'll do (I still go to work though lol), so even if there's a party or some kind of gathering going on I probably won't go. Usually this is how it goes.

I'm sitting in my chair watching some anime (typical otaku), phone rings up a text inviting to come to a party. I sit their for another half an hour before I give it any thought, and then when I do I usually just refuse the offer and continue with whatever I was doing.

It's gotten bad to the point when I would just ignore incoming text messages completely for a good day or two and then reply back to the sender. Once I heard my buddies complaining about it I felt guilty and tried to go out more often =(. Besides that things like updating this blog or checking up on facebook once in a while go on hold. Just looking at this blog you can see I haven't blogged in quite a long time. During my hibernation period things like "blogging" or socializing were a big nuisance, funny how much I enjoy blogging now that I'm sitting in school bored of waiting for my next class. Just looking at the whole picture it all seems pretty unhealthy. Although I felt quite content with the lifestyle of having "no life", I can see that there may be some complications in the future if I live that way for a long time... Like say a Mid-Life crisis lol. Wake up one morning, sit myself up on my bed, staring at my feet and all the trash around it in my room. The computer will  still be on from another late night of gaming, then I suddenly realize I was late for work - again. But this time I don't panic and run out to get ready, instead I sit there and make another realization that I'm 40 years old with nothing to be proud of... So yeah, I don't mind and don't really feel all that ashamed of a living a hikikomori like lifestyle but sooner or later I'll realize that the prime years of life are gone and I haven't done anything meaningful =(. That would just suck more than anything.

Then there's the other side of things. The hardworking dedicated Mr. Snuggles lol =]. That's what I currently am right now. Now even though I'm no longer being lazy or negligent, I'm still on the anti-social side. I just put all my focus and concentration in schoolwork and any other productive activities - like writing this blog =P. But any other activities I do for relaxation or enjoyment are put on hold. Stuff like playing games, going out, shopping at the mall, or watching a marathon of anime. It's true that living this way made me A LOT better at school, but I feel like a drone living out a black and white life. If I were to ask myself in the future if my life was worthy of praise, then I would say yeah it is. But it'd be worthy for praise for things I'm not too proud of. If I do land that nice job and makes loads of money, cool awesome, but that's pretty boring =P.

Hmmm, I just drank a can of "Drank", which does the opposite of energy drinks... lol... well I'll just end this blog here..

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  1. tehe my brothers play WoW too :p

    i'm sure u'll find a good balance between social life and work :)