Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Let's talk about my day

I went through a weird philosophical thinker phase the past few weeks. I'm over it now, the whole ordeal was pretty friggin trippy. I had to get myself out of it sooner or later or I'd end up lookin like a weirdo when I goto my friends b-day party. Hmm so yeah back to the norm...

Here's the bad stuff...

Well I spent the week looking at my classmates in school, and finally I realized how shitty people are personality wise in Suffolk. There's tons of stuck-up snobby people at Suffolk. There's a real good word for describing the way they act too. At first you could say that their pretentious and brush it off  but then when something goes a little out of line they're a bunch of lil whiney pricks =P. And this is just Suffolk, I can't imagine how people are in schools like Boston University and Harvard.

Really not a good way to start out a blog huh.. well most of the bad/annoying  stuff tend to stand out first anyway so i rather get it out of the way.... annnnd so I was bored the other day and started visiting random chat rooms on anime sites lol. I don't know if its the internet or the anime community, but when people create close-knit communities on public websites things can get awfully heated when you come in as a stranger. In general I'm a little bit of a troll because of the stuff I read on 4ch and the news I go through on sankaku, so yeah I can be a bit of ass sometimes. But that doesn't mean I should be banned after typing one line in a chatroom =(. The chat I went to had a random girl typing in japanese when no one else but her (well I understood but she didn't know that) could understand. I was like "nihonjin lolol" which is basically "lawl japanese(people)" and then BAM massive flames and a banhammer to boot rofl. Apparently she had a lot of arrogant pride in being japanese and speaking it =P. C'mon now we're all equal humans why cant we all get along. Judging from the hiragana in the kanji it looked she was copy and pasting stuff anyway- so she was probably pretending to be japanese. Plus she accused me of talkin shit when I was typing really politely lol, I haven't really been taught how to speak informally yet... Crazy people man..., the internet is fun.

Gah... 20 min before class and i didnt do my hw...
*phat edit*
alright i'm back.

The Good Things

Thankfully not everyone is a complete snob in college, a pretty damn good amount of people are really down to earth. It's just that when there's a lot of nasty people around it smothers the presence of all the good people and you'll hardly notice them =(.
Despite all the rain and cold weather I'm feeling pretty damn good about this week. I got A LOT of work done. I was behind on schoolwork because of a court hearing and it just happened to be on a an important day of class =P. But ya know at times like that you really gotta buckle down, push aside the things you want to do and get to work. And that's what I did lol. Surprisingly enough a buncha of other people have been slackin too that I've noticed. Recently a friend of mine Amy texted a bit n told me she was slackin then I went over to Anh's blog to find out that he was slacking too(really now of all people), and then I visited another blog Naka's Net and she needed to catch up on work too lolol. Well I guess we all slack off one way or another. At least I got my shit done, hell I even cleaned up my room and fixed my internet - good times bro, good times. GL to all my other friends lol.

Hmm what else... again it feels good to just sit down and let your thoughts come up while you blog. I don't think or plan about anything before I blog, it all just comes flying out of my head. Oh yeah! Aside from gettin work done I'm getting a nice rare opportunity to socialize lol. My dear friend heather is havin a bday soon and we're all chippin in to get her an iPhone, shes had her classic ipod for waaay too long. This week i'm havin lunch wit mich, hopefully anh or anyone else will come along. Sitting on vent all day talkin to the same bunch of guys makes me few isolated =P It's nice to actually see faces.

For the future...

It's been on my mind lately... During class I doodle A LOT, shit I doodle even more now than I did during highschool. It's all over my notes and if I'm not careful I get carried away and doodle all over the whole page and miss out on the lecture =_=... But I haven't actually sat down to draw anything meaningful and or to draw and paint when I get that occasional creative spark. 
So starting tomorrow I'm gonna make a picture diary lol. It'd be like what I used to do in art class, draw 1 or 2 pictures a week and see how I improve over time (which actually helped a great deal). I gotta announce stuff like this to get it done.. otherwise I just forget about it lol. So now whenever I log on and reread my stuff I'll be able to rememeber. And this time it wont be just pencil art, I gotta use up my phat supply of toners and ink, its wasting away if I dont use it.

Mmk back to studying...

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