Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Well that was a fail.

Urgh! Right after I made that last post I realized that mid-terms were coming up the week after. In the end I had like 0 time to put aside to make anything decent. Instead I would just randomly doodle around in my sketchbook with anything that came across my mind. It's a lot of fun drawing random short skits. If I had more time I could have made longer more elaborate scenes, if I HAD time I could have done a full job of inking and toning everything instead of a dirty pencil job lol.

Here's the first sketch I made, I got hungry and couldn't find the right ingredient to make a sandwich, hence the inspiration for this situation lol. I had to sharpen up the lines since it was all done in pencil. Not sure why it comes out so light when I scan it.

Another doodle that I got a bit carried away with. Didn't have a pencil with me so I had to use up a bunch of ink out of my ballpoint pen. I started drawing it after thinking about how memories accumulate and we sit back and think about them. Never had the chance to finish it though =( after all it was just supposed to be a doodle lol. I had so much studying to do at that time that I was like "Shit wut am I doin?" It's just as bad as dozing off or watchin youtube videos when you're suppose to study.

Another sketch I made for fun. I drew it after I lost real badly in a game and lost ALL of my sleep over it =_= Not sleeping at all made me feel so weird and out of touch from what was going on around me. God it was awful, but hell after makin that sketch I realized it was pretty funny and stupid lol. I don't know where the BoyXBoy manga concept came from... too many gender bender manga reading maybe..

I drew these 3 in a row, at first I was doodling randomly as usual and then I drew a little small mask. I thought it was pretty badass so I drew it out on a guy in a suit which was kinda weird... and then I drew it with a girl in a dress. Using a regular HB pencil for drawing is pretty bad. The damn thing kept getting dull and I end up being to lazy to sharpen it =P. In the sketch of the girl in the dress I drew her head to her shoulders with a sharpened tip and gradually it dulled out as I finished the rest of  the body.

Hopefully I can make something good over spring break. I spent like 30 bucks on toners and they just sit there and rot. Plus I lost my K-ON! fanart where I inked and toned everything =_= god I was so proud of it. Anime drawings really come to life once you "complete" it rather than drawing random headshots in pencil or pen.

Well that's all for now... 2 exams left - must study.


  1. I love your sketches! Each one is like a little comment on the everyday goings on in life. They'd make great daily webcomics! Good luck with the rest of your exams ^___^

  2. Thanh ! u should scan them in B&W next time and boost the contrast if you have other options on your scanner

  3. You have mid-semester exams?? I had one... How do you have time to draw so much? I swear to god I don't even have time to shit, now that's embarassing >.<