Saturday, March 27, 2010

What else is there to look forward to...

I just got home from a nice night of poker with the guys. I haven't hung out with them in some time but we're all still the same people, and of course its a great change from my usual routine. Breaking away from the norm got me thinking again, that's how it usually goes when I decide to take a break from being a robot =P. IF I didn't have anime or ran out anime to watch and manga to read what the hell would I do with myself. I can't go out everyday so that's not an option, and I'm really really not much of a party go-er either =P.

Hmm, well I guess it'd be just replaced by another hobby. After all hobbies are there to fill in the gap in between work and leisure. Sometimes I worry whether or not it was a good thing for me to fall so in love with anime. I'm not the only one who sometimes feels ashamed that they love to draw manga-styled characters. Whenever I look at great realistic or abstract paintings I feel a little sad for not being more normal and practicing that kind of artwork or at least american-style cartoons. Even my mom and her side of the family all did oil painting when they were young. When I showed her my stuff she told me bluntly that it was crap =(, but she didn't stop me from doing it. Instead she just let me draw w/e I wanted, but it had to be original. The last time I showed her a piece of fanart she grabbed it and threw it out >.> But then again there's always the side of me that says "Fuck what the world thinks 'n do what you luv bro" - and I usually follow that line of advice. Shameful or not I find myself at peace when I come home after school, make sum tea and watch a few episodes of "Slice of Life" anime.

This is practically what most people do anyway... go home drink beer and watch TV. But I think the main problem here and one of the reasons anime is looked down upon is the fact that Anime is made to bring fantasies to life. Whether if its an action packed life or a cute romance, its all made to make you feel and sympathize with the protagonist The difference between american cartoons and japanese anime is the fact that the characters in anime feel like they are on a more personal level with the viewer, so you feel like there's an actual connection. That's where people find anime disgusting =_=, whenever it comes to something that aides you in some way to take a trip off away from reality it's looked down upon. I can't disagree there...but.. I dunno anymore - reality bores me to the point of wanting to commit suicide. I have a good grasp of my life right now, but its all so uninteresting.

But that doesn't mean I don't know a way to enjoy what I have now. On Thursday I took a 2 hour walk around Boston by myself. I walked through the park, through Chinatown, I took a look in  the bakeries and ate some pho. It was a REALLY good day for me. I don't think I was meant to live in small town all my life, or even in the same country. Walking around seeing new sites is on par or even more satisfying than watching a good episode of Minami-ke. So I gotta get a decent job one day and make enough money travel around casually everyday. Mmm I can imagine it now.. sweet pudding everyday from bakeries... a nice cup of coffee and manga... small things like that is all I need to live a comfortable life... I'm sure of it.


This is why its good to blog... let my mind unroll even if its embarrassing.. If I don't then bad things could actually happen =P I keep thinking about a friend who almost commited suicide like 2 or 3 months ago. The guy was one of the funniest people I knew, and he really tried to kill himself. Actual real life drama right there... the kind that no one wants- even if it was for attention.

Well anyway I gotta make sure to put these two videos down.

I got bored and watched a 2 hour Vocaloid concert (synthesized voices, not human not autotune). I liked one song particularly because of its beat, which is the song above. The video itself was pretty sweet. It's obviously geared towards the shoujo fans but even I liked it. The second video is a compilation of some great Japanese amateur singers on Nico Nico Douga, good stuff. Alone the singers aren't all that special but they sound great together.

Well that's it for tonight.. got another day of work tomorrow morning. I got some new drawings to put up too. Puttin em up on the internet is good idea since i keep trashin em irl =_=


  1. Thanh, if I was like you I would be so much happier. You have like 2-3 hobbies and you stick with them. For me, I'm all over the place. Dancing, asian dramas/music, photoshop, video games, youtube, and even food seem to occupy a lot of my time. I'm serious, a single meal = main dish + side dish + dessert + junk food + 2 beverages. Of course I don't do it all in one sitting, but more or less it takes like 2 hours to finish a meal (of course eating in front of the TV watching random dramas and sometimes Deal or No Deal). Not to mention that my entire family is so dependent on me. Anything that has to be translated, I have to do. Anything that requires strength (getting water, laundry, etc.) also involves me. Bills, important documents, and shit me guess who? ME! And what do other people like my brother do? Sit on his ass all day long playing fucking Maple Story and talking on the phone with his friends, not to mention half the time they don't talk, they only listen to each other's maple story effects (aka the music in the background). You seemed to be so much more chilled than I am, sometimes I just wished I had dormed or gone to some college away from my family... then I would only have to worry about school. Thankfully, I'm not on the verge of suicide yet but damn 5 more years of this would probably do it. Now my next goal is to develop a drug that will cure procrastination while boosting energy. I wouldn't mind being the first experimental specimen lol

  2. sorry for the slow reply

    tehe the though of someone reading my blog out in german in front of their friends made me giggle tehe :P

    I would love to learn cantonese tehe I can hardly speak it and can only understand a little XD

    i think its cool u ahve poker sessions, my poker skills r none and i would probs end up selling my soul D: