Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I love reading Sankaku News

Top 10 Worst Things to Find in Your Boyfriend’s Room

1. His toilet’s dirty
2. His last girlfriend’s things are still around
3. There’s rotting garbage about
4. The bathroom’s dirty
5. The bathroom’s mouldy
6. He has products intended for women around the place
7. The kitchen’s dirty
8. He’s not put out his garbage

9. He has anime posters

10. A cockroach came out
 I just love reading the Sankaku news even with all the occasional disturbing hentai images >.> But they always have the most interesting articles and news for Otaku's or people who are interested in the weird side of Japanese culture. I don't know who holds these surveys but they're done on a large-scale level so it's pretty dependable information. Here they asked Japanese woman to rank what they don't like in their boyfriend's place. Looking at the list, it seems that I'll be guilty of having anime posters =P and even more once Anime Boston comes around. Sankaku has other fun surveys too like The Top 10 Worst Things to Find in a Girl's Room and so on. I just can't put up a link since the site is kinda 18+ in some parts...

Other than surveys they also cover a lot of odd world events. By Odd you could say disturbing or plain fucked up shit. One time there was a story of a guy in China that got stabbed in the head because he wall-hacked on Counter-Strike >.> they even showed the head. They do also showcase artists that do anime/doujinshi types of work, and various other forms.. *cough cough*. The latest artist they showcased made me really want to blog about it.

His pen name is Vania 600. Most of his work is consists of girls in train uniforms, girls and trains, girls, and a train... yeah this guy loves his trains and his girls. Apparently in Japan there are Train Otakus, pretty weird stuff but oh well, this guy is a great artist. What I like the most about his stuff are the colors he picks out for his art. It all really blends well together, vibrant in many ways, its hard to describe. Here's a few more pics.

It's really great stuff, it makes me want to take more care and put in more effort into drawing out the environment around my characters, even if it takes a lot more time.

hehe these two were just too awesome to not mention. Looking at other people's work is a good motivator, even on a crappy rainy day like today. This guy loves to draw trains, weird ya but he loves it so he does it, its a good motto to follow.

Alright, I blogged my mind out, time for Homework and then some good practice...


  1. Haha!
    I think I would be happy if my boyfriend liked anime! Well, I guess it depends on what kind of anime posters he has up...If they're ones I like, too, then its all good! X3

    I know what you mean about other people's work being inspiring. Whenever I'm not feeling creative at all, I go onto deviantart and look at the amazing pictures on there and I feel the creative juices start to flow again!!

  2. no. 10 made me giggle and omg that room is awesome!!!

    I love the pictures too :3
    its hard to think its just paper, pen and editing >.<

    argh i have plenty of homework :(

  3. Haha, love that list. To be honest I'd be more disturbed to find a guy who didn't have at least ONE of those bad traits :P

    I actually checked out the Girls' list, no fair on 7, 9 and 10 XD