Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Break? What Break??

Well spring break has been over for 2 days now, and I'm back to the usual everyday routine. Spring break wasn't even that much of a break. I still had to go to work, nearly everyday Sun up to Sun down and then go home to play a game I don't even enjoy anymore. Now once again I find myself genuinely 100% bored. 

Things have been becoming really really uneventful. I read back on this blog and I noticed that the times I would post about what would happen during my day were the times when I had nothing much else to do but blog my time away - and usually it'd be about random things I didn't really even seriously care much about, like the Harajuku fashion post.  Then when I got home on those days that I would blog I'd just study and then play a little bit of WoW, which I now find to be a waste of time if I'm alone. It's like I've hit rock bottom with my gaming hobbies =P.

But what I still do enjoy is watching anime and drawing my little anime characters. Of course I feel some shame in admitting it but its still the truth =P Too bad most of the world looks down on otakus as creeps when some of us are pretty normal people. Well at least I don't find my comfort in gambling or anything that bad, being an otaku is pretty harmless as long as you can tell the difference between fantasy and reality. Anime really is just a cartoon reflection of an ideal world for people where they have something to do and things to look forward to when their real lives aren't as eventful.

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  1. More freedom = more responsibilities as well as more stress and all the shit that goes along with it. If giving up my freedom now means I can go back to becoming a child and being the "real" me then I would do it in a heartbeat. Back then I actually enjoy what I do: draw, watch anime, play video games, etc. but now going back to all those activities is just so hard because I'm constantly thinking about school. Why do you think vacation goes by so fast? Because we're constantly thinking about what will happen when we return to SCHOOL, so then we don't enjoy our vacation as much >.< Being old sucks and being an old college student sucks even more!