Sunday, November 8, 2009

Boring Sundays

Now that I think about it nothing really meaningful has happened to me in a while. The occasional meet-up with old and new friends. It all feels really normal, but hey normal is good too. I'd rather have normal than crazy stupid drama. But damn, this is one boring weekend. I'm busy with homework and planning for group presentations so there's not much time to just relax. The time I had on Saturday was probably the most relaxing day of the week. I spent 6 hours of the night working on my first song =), and then an hour with Tunababy on War3.

I don't mind the change of being able to meet the same old people at school all the time, but I kinda miss it when I just sit here and do work. There was interaction between friends irl in school and then hours of WoW with the same funny group of guys all day long every single day. Now I'm spending each day like a robot. Commute to school, study hard, go home, do work, do homework, watch anime/read manga, and goto sleep. That is seriously the layout of my day each week. I've tried to play games at the end of the day but it's not as fun as it used to be when all of my friends would be on at the same time ready to play. *shrug* I guess the only bad thing about this lifestyle is the loneliness from time to time.

Well besides that I finally made my first song. It's plain as hell, no modulated cool sounds, and pretty lame drum beat. But the synths I used came out a lot better than I thought it would. It's not an upbeat song at all, it sounds more like a BGM because of the lack of a strong hook. Making a good hook takes some serious creativity, a good hook pretty much lays down everything to be made around it. The Hook and then the beats, and mix in other sounds to complete the skeleton of the song. Then after that you edit it, mix the sounds, make sounds twist and whirl etc. There's just so much that can be done with them.

Spending 6 hours on a song is really too little... There's tons of things that could've made it better, even if it wasn't an upbeat song. I only used the piano roll and a couple sound plugins to do the song. There were other things I could've done, but hell I've got no idea how to work the modulator knobs at all. There's so many little letters that stand for the things they do so it's all just confusing as hell. All-in-all I think it's a pretty good start. Now I actually have some starting experience in making music. It'll still be about a month or even longer before I actually come up with good hooks and use them properly.

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