Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blogging; Writing a story

I always read those blogs I find on google about people just writing about what they did in a game or at work. Now my buddy Anh here decided to open up a blog too and advertise it in his AIM status msg (clever bitch). I don't like facebook, and I don't like myspace, buuut! what I did like was xanga and these blogs, because we can share our day with everyone. Hmm if I think about it Myspace and Facebook are both network sites anyway, =P.

I got this goddamn English project due on friday. I gotta make a title page, a paraphrased version of a story in The Canterbury tales, and an original story. So yeah, I've got tonight and tomorrow to do it, which is going to be a bitch. If ONLY I weren't so addicted to Team Fortress 2 and anime + manga. Like that stuff takes up 5+ hours of my day, usually during the evening and real late at night, and in between that all I do is take a nap, chill with mah broskis.

Right at this moment I got my original story minimized, and I'm procrasstinating by blogging (thanks to Anh). I don't even know if there's a friend system or anything, I just decided to distract myself with a blog. Nice. I hate my life =P

The story so far...

Alright so I wanted to make a ROMAAAANTIC and DrAmAtIc story right, so I decided to create a city setting with the main characters Jona and Hyung-Soo. Lawl, yeah white man with azn woman, i kno i kno... But I wanted to make a story that would really appeal to woman since one of my favorite authors/artists is a woman that makes good romance for the male audience, and she does it so well that I sometimes think that she meant to be a man.

Well anyway, yah. The guy is a tea shop owner, he brews tea he serves em, n sells sum. The girl is a korean student studyin here in america in a made up city called Valore. I want to blog about this right now because I'll probably get more ideas of what to right this way. I aint writing no piece of shizzle, I take some pride in some of the things I write. So one day the girl comes in and gets sum tea. She dont like tea much, but the tea at Jona's place waz mad gud rite, so she comes in regularly. n den lil by llil jona gets closer to her by explaining the magnificance of tea and all dat shiz. and he takes her out on a lil date to some pastry shops, mall, n movies, THEN to a nice spot in a park under a tree on a hill with a clear view at the moon. Yeah.. well I thought it was pretty good, but I don't know. Takes a lot of work to get to that point, I'll probably hate myself for laying it out like this.

anywayz back to work. blogzoid ftw


  1. COPYCAT!!! Betcha you won't last long on this blog like all of your other sites Mr. LAZYPANTS!! Spice up this site will ya? It's B-O-R-I-N-G!

  2. Yeah Thanh, leaving your xanga on without updating for 4 out of those 6 years = IT'S DEAD!! If you check back on your xanga, your last update was on May 7, 2007 when you announced that you "officially" had a girlfriend... Ooo La la!! lol XD

  3. Oh by the way, change the time on your blog cuz it's definitely not 7 o'clock right now...

  4. Thanh, it's mindy, i'm following your blog because anh told me you had a blog.

  5. thats okay everyone have different taste in music.I'm sure whatever you listen to is good.

  6. thats a cute story line and thanks for dropping by ^^

    tehe thanks for dropping by ^^
    Dressmaking and 'home made' things seem to be picking up lately in the UK

    I think its nice to have something handmade and totally unique.

    As for my age, well I've been sewing for around a year and a half and have always had a strong interest in fashion/art

    I hope i've killed ur boredom ^^