Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Shy 16 year old Boy

Lol. A few days ago my dad's friends came over with their family to hang out and relax. They made some really good fish stew and some other fish cooked with rich sweet sauce, I'm not too sure what the name of the dish was. What was really interesting about that day was the fact that one of their daughters, or maybe nieces was the same age or a little younger than my little brother. My little brother is a week away from being 16 and the girl is probably either 14-15 years old, she was pretty tall for her age =_=, but then again I'm pretty short. Anyways my little brother refused to walk around the dining room and living room and stayed in either his room or the basement. I literally had to bring him his plate of food and drink to his door. The kid was so shy he didn't want to come out lol. To be honest I was a little surprised. He's going through that phase in High School where you establish your personality and make your temperaments well known. Lately he gives me an attitude now and then, but I completely ignore it, he hasn't seen the world yet so I'll forgive him for the disrespect.

But because of that attitude I thought he'd be more assertive towards other people, or at least more comfortable talking to others. Hmm its tough to figure out.. When I was 15 or 16 I was fine talking to anyone. Before that I was shy and sensitive when talking to girls but after I made some really close girl-friends it all went away. In my little brother's case I've only seen him with 2 girls! Well outside of school of course, I have no idea what he did inside. But judging from his super obvious shyness on that day I'm a bit worried about him lol. It's fine not to be an aggressive-assertive type of guy to charm  girl, but being shy of girls is a problem. Whenever I feel a little down about a sensitive issue I turn to my girl-friends for help rather than talking to the guys. Guy on Guy talk is... kind of awkward so it's nice to talk to a girl. For that reason I don't want my little brother's shyness to get in the way of making friends with girls. I wonder how I should fix this...He keeps to himself whenever I have girls coming over too =_=, well they're older and more mature so it could be understandable for him to be timid... God I hope he doesn't become the worst kind of NEET.

I'm pretty sure the majority of the few readers that come to my site are girls, so this will be a nice new POV of how boys can be shy to girls lol. I find it pretty funny and cute, its like one of those comedy/romance anime where the guy has so much trouble just talking to the girl he likes. I've had this issue though... ugh makes me want to bury my head under a mound of sand... it was my freshmen year and I had this huge crush on a girl. I could speak perfectly fine with any other girl, but that one girl had me sweating and stuttering. God if I could go back in time I would just take a shovel and smack the side of my head. I wonder if girls have the same problem. Being shy of guys, I haven't seen many girls who are shy of men around my age, even in high school. The only time I might have seen it is when girls around 13-15 come over with their parents to visit and they're a little shy of me, I just wanted to feed them and make them feel welcome =[ (cmon everyone loves Kim Chi Ramyun!). But maybe it has more to do with how much exposure people get to the opposite sex that determines how shy they are. 

Well here's this weeks set of sketches. Yet again I've barely managed to make some time to do some sketching. I've got a research paper coming up, economics test, and a fatass Math Exam to study for. At least it's really good practice in time management. for this sketch above I actually did some inking for once. Sadly I failed to but more detail in the clothing to make it more interesting, but more importantly I figured out a new flaw in my drawings. From the front or the side the flaw would be tough to spot, but from the 3rd angle view I realized that my waist (especially for girls) were waaay too small in width. The wrist was also a bit too extented but that can be easily fixed. What's great about this piece is  the inking. I was pretty happy with the sweet inking job I did, it looks very empty but at the same time very neat and tidy. If I were to tone it in it would look almost perfect.

Here's a great pencil sketch. Using what I learned I made their hips wider and managed to keep their love handles in check lol. The main reason my waist were so small was because I didn't want them too seem to overweight. I changed that and it is looking really good. Because my clothes looked so plain and ...boring I had to do something about it. Here I added in those creases you would see on anybody that's not wearing skin-tight clothing. It's a real challenge to figure out where the creases go, but one of best ways to get around that is look at your own clothes and think about how they hang off your body.

I'm seriously getting really really comfortable with drawing full body anime characters. A few months ago, drawing a character in a pose like this would be a pain in the ass.But now that I understand where the joints are, where the legs are suppose to be, it was too easy baby xD. Nothing special here, simply just another sign that I'm making good progress on the mountain sized Learning Curve for manga-style artwork.

The last sketch here was an attempt to draw my characters in different sizes. So here's the onii-chan and imouto-san. I made her arms thinner, smaller hands, compact shoulders. If I drew her standing up with her brother I think she'd only be a little shorter than the guy, or I could be totally wrong and there would be a head-sized gap between the two. I honestly think I should put more effort into the hands now though... I follow a pretty systematic method to draw my hands with ease, but it still takes a good amount of thinking and effort to sketch them out cleanly. Her hands in this one were acceptable (minus the fact that I forgot to erase some lines) but I should start to experiment more.

I wish I could blog more often, these long blog posts take up a lot of space =_=.


  1. I love your drawings! There so unique. Keep it up. As for your little brother...well. I'm 15 and I'm really shy too.

  2. its ok if ur blogs r long,its still interesting though. an ur pictures are awesome keep up tha gud work k. oh and im shy 2 i just dont show it though, my best friend knos who i hav a crush on and she knos him. their gud friends she always talks about him and i go girly mode!! she says sh liks it betta when im girly cuz im so damn tomboyish. :) i hate it though. -_-

  3. ahh i love it when u say '....they're a little shy of me, I just wanted to feed them and make them feel welcome =[' that sounds so sweet

    I used to be a total brat when i was around my older brothers friends, but now i shy away from them XD I was always shy around boys, but since i was 14 i'm more comfortable talking to guys and now my best friend is a guy :)

    I really like ur drawings and ur blog posts :3
    I really like the fist picture though shes so cute!

  4. I wish I had your maturity when my little bro was sixteen. His attitude used to get me SO wound up.

    I'm sure your brother will be fine when he's older. Many guys start off shy and then develop bags of confidence. It went the other way round for me XD Hehe. But it's interesting to ponder, and I definitely have a lot more respect for the expectation of guys to be confident. Women don't have to worry about being as confident around men cos we're the ones who get asked out. Maybe once your brother asks a girl out he'll get over that initial nervousness?

    Great drawings this week. I laughed at your notation around the "problem area". I have the same problem as you with my fashion drawings, trying to make the girls look slender but accidentally making them look like skeletons (although I guess that's how most people see models XD)

    Oh, and thanks for the encouragement! I feel a lot more motivated for it :)

  5. Your sketches are awesome! I have the same kind of problem figuring out the sizes of people I draw. You don't want to make them overweight, but then you also don't want to make them scarily skinny either =.=

    I'm sure your brother will get over it eventually. I'm an incredibly shy person around people of both genders, so I kind of understand. I'm working on it, though! But it can be uncomfortable when people are over your house, so I kind of shut myself in when stuff like that happens and hardly say a word...

  6. Those were great drawings! All of them would have been a pain in the ass for me to draw. I fail at drawing girls most of the time because I mainly stick to guys...

    There was this one time that my drawing was actually cute for a girl then I noticed two things. I had Lacrimosa ( Kuroshitsuji's Second ending) on full blast and I was trying to draw Ciel Phantomhive. No wonder the character had an eyepatch!

    Your brother is growing up and I'm sure he'll become like LeahPeah-chan's Nerd boy someday...I hope not so because making out should be done when you're married or something...

    Your Friend,

    Seiichiro Sano

  7. r u planning on visiting the nema con ^^? if so I'll have to bake my legendary cupcakes or cookies :p

    have a good weekend ^^