Friday, April 16, 2010

It's a Balancing act!

Final weeks before exams... busy as I expected it to be lol. My hands were so tied up with work and play that I could hardly find any time to blog or even visit any other blogs. It's been a really eventful week this time around. Eventful as in busy, productive, and best of all~ fun. When a week passes by so quickly its got to be a crazy week. Literally, I honestly thought that yesterday was Tuesday, but today is already Friday o.o. The week started off with a presentation, massive amounts of homework coupled together with studying and general work at the store. I usually don't openly complain about excessive amounts of work, but this time around I was fully justified to do so lol. But just because I was super busy doesn't mean I didn't sneak in a few hours of play. I just love my friends, without them I think I would have gone crazy a long time ago.

Well apparently my guy friends were able to find this blog... I'm completely fine with my girl friends reading it but its embarrassing as hell when the guys get a hold of it. We all have different images in society, and we tend to choose which image to put on in the face of another person. In real life, I'm probably seen as a carefree guy, my mind up in the clouds, just living life aimlessly like a lot of other guys. Not a lot of people would expect me to be blogging so extensively with proper spelling and uppercase letters (not to mention the length of these posts =_=). I avoid publicizing my blog because I don't want people to have that awkward underlying opinion of me. There are certain stereotypes out there for people who blog. For example in my English course my classmates and even the professor himself were bashing on the blogging community for being "Self-centered, egotistical, attention-whoring, negative monstrosities" =[ . So yeah, that made me pretty timid about using my blog... However when my friends found it (when they did I was SUPER embarrassed) and read it they were very understanding of it. They weren't like "wow you're such a fag, this shit is so stupid" or "Who the hell do you think you are?" kind of thing. That's why I love 'em so much, true friends can learn to accept these hobbies without making any further judgment on your character. So thank you Andy, Hugo, Tuan, Harry, (there I mentioned you guys lol) and anyone else who happens to read this blog. This is who I am, and I'm glad that you respect it.

So what did I do when I snuck in those few hours of play? I PLAYED FRIGGIN STARCRAFT II BABY YESSSSS!!!!! Again, my wonderful friends provided me with an invite beta key for the game, and I went completely nuts. I threw aside all the homework I had that night and went wild with the game. But... the fun didn't come without a few consequences. I ended up procrastinating heavily by Wednesday I had a whole night of Homework to finish off, I was so busy that I couldn't even meet up with my classmates to work on another presentation (I had to schedule it for next week). So I spent a sleepless night getting a mound of homework and studying done. Thursday was a nice day of relief. I finished everything and only had night classes to worry about. So I went over to Harry's house, ate Wendy's, and played Starcraft II for like 4 hours. In other words we had a "Bro-Out" lol.

Despite all the work and Starcraft II I had on my hands I still managed to find a little bit of time to scratch out a few panels. I couldn't practice extensively but I was still able to make a few panels for fun. It was also a good way to make myself more comfortable with drawing out a story.

I did a whopping 5 pages of panels! The story pretty much revolves around a Tsundere character being teased, which is one of my most favorite fan-service themes lol. It's not properly done obviously, I really didn't have any time at all to make straight lines with the boxes, or even do any inking- forget toning lol. But what I really loved about these 5 pages, is the fact that I went beyond the one-paged sitcom and extended it. It can be seen as another step forward =), in other words- Progress. Of course it's littered with inconsistency and messy work as usual but overall I'm pretty satisfied with how it came out. I'm gradually getting more and more used to drawing characters using less and less effort to do so. Eventually it'll be second nature and I can focus being more consistent with character design. Plus once the summer comes around I'll have time to sit down and tone things in, regardless of how bad it may be- when things get toned in it brings them to a totally new level of quality. I really wonder how much more I'll improve throughout the rest of the year...

Alright that will be enough for this weeks blog. I still have a lot more I want to get out of my system, but its already 9 PM (got home at 7:30 PM from work) and I want to watch this weeks new wave of anime. Lately I've been watching a shoujo anime.. yes a guy watching and enjoying shoujo. I rarely do genuinely enjoy shoujo because of how they portray the guys some times; like entangled men embracing each other at an onsen =_= There was also this one time I watched an anime with no prior knowledge of its genre or even a synopsis. The first 5 minutes consisted of two men (who I thought were women at first) in bed sweating and groping... my eyes burned out from my socket lol. But then again I can't complain since some ecchi anime do equally gross things for the girls =P. Lately in my opinion the ecchi has been getting out of hand... I'm guessing the ecchi genre couldn't find new ways to adapt to this new era of Anime and decided to make it borderline hentai. Its just awful =(.... sweet Kaichou wa Maid-sama! just finished downloading. Yet again its time to sit back and  relax... haaaa~


  1. Good luck with your exams! Theres nothing wrong with guys who watch shojo anime.

  2. Snugtrition-dono, don't be listen to those crazy people who call themselves 'guys'. They sound more like fags to me....

    I'm usre that they have something wrong in the head and thanks for that wonderful comment. You're a great friend and personally, I think that your drawings rock and your blog rocks too!

    Your everlasting Friend,

    Seiichiro Sano

  3. Guys that watch shoujo anime are normally understanding to their girlfriends because shoujo anime focus on girls. Girls that watch shounen anime are understanding about their boyfriends.

    That's perfectly normal! My male cousin who's a brute in the hocky field likes pink, he asks me and I say so what!

    You are who you are and not someone else

    Your friend,

    Seiichiro Sano

  4. gd luck wiht ur exams i put my URL on my pm on MSN and only found out how many ppl read my blog from ym school/friend last sept

    I kinda regret now since ppl i dont talk no quite a bit about me n wat i do in my spare timeXD

    i wanna watch some shounen anime now...althought the girls are always so cute in the shoujo :3

    i love ur drawings too :3
    have a gd weekend n thanks for putting me on the side for blogs to check out

  5. Good luck with exams!

    I don't think there's anything wrong with blogging (of course, I blog myself, so I could be biased...) But I understand about not wanting friends to see your blog. The only friends who know about mine are the ones that have blogs of their own.

    I think its cool that a guy watches shoujo. I watch shounen and shoujo equally and I'm a girl -- if I like it, I like it. I don't care who its generally aimed at.

    Your drawings are awesome and interesting :)
    I think they are REALLY well done, even if they're not inked or toned yet.