Sunday, April 4, 2010

An Otaku's Harvest

Today, was a good harvest =D

Woke up at 6:45 in the morning SUPER pumped for the convention- and then went back to sleep when I realized it was Sunday and missed out on a lot of the good stuff =(. Well me and my buddy steven got up at around 8 and were off by 9:30. When we got there our spirits (well maybe jus mine, steve was a little burnt) were raised with the groups cosplayers and anime fans of all kinds walking by.. I was surprised that there were still so many people going to the convention even though it Sunday. But then again because it was a Sunday most of the really good cosplayers were gone, so as retribution I filled up Steve's camera with pictures of guys lol. I can't wait til he uploads em and sends em to me. 

And so moving past all the cosplayers and folks I went on my hunt for K-ON! merchandise, mainly posters. God I love K-ON! I'm very open about liking normal Slice of Life anime, like Minami-Ke, My Girl, Lucky Star, but K-ON! is my secret moe series that I love more than anything. I downloaded all their albums and play them obnoxiously loud in gangster neighborhoods on my way to work for fun xD lolol. Haaa~ So yes I was determined to leave the convention with a few pieces of K-ON! merchandise. And luckily enough I found some very nice high quality posters and prints.

The Loot
 I managed to get 3 high quality prints (with the help of Steven, man I owe him for this). One of them isn't a K-ON! print but it was so well made I just had to get it. Besides that I found a very very rare DVD of Blame by the genius artist Tsutomu Nihei, it's even a rare fine as a torrent so to find as a DVD for only $5- it was one hell of a buy. The two little cards with pencil drawings were commission from the Artists Alley from a girl who graduated from my High School. It was pretty nice seeing that someone from my school actually opened up their own booth in the alley, one day I'll open my own up too hehe. That's pretty much most of what I got from the convention.. being a college student results in the lack of capital funds to invest in my growing collection of K-ON! merchandise =( But there's one more! The Best for last!

 For $25 I bought an excellent water scroll of the girls in  the beach episode of K-ON!. The thing is a little over 1/3 of the size of my wall so its just full of awesome. Haa~ my very first official poster, man it feels good to have one. My mom hasn't walked in my room yet so I'll have to figure out a way to explain to her why its up on the wall...

Overall the convention was "okay", the lack of a good concert pretty much brought the experience of it all down. The year when Kalefina came to Boston was amazing, totally made my day, I managed to grab Keiko's attention by repeatedly yellin her name and blurting out japanese ^o^. Well hopefully next year or the year after will be better, I got a lotta wallspace to fill up.
Alright, its a brand new week, time to get ready for it.


  1. Cool! I love it!. Great drawings too!

  2. I saw Steven at the art gallery but by that time I was already dead, too much walking >.< I was hoping that they were gonna pass out some free stuff like key chains or something. It felt like the purpose of the convention is to spend money in order to get inside to spend MORE money. Even the game tournament thing costs money, like seriously? I'm not really complaining since I didn't have to pay full price to get in but if I did I would be pretty pissed since I didn't get to do a lot of stuff like getting the autograph of the guy who helped with the Final Fantasy music. There were just so many people and a lot of walking. Oh well, it was somewhat fun I guess..

  3. great drawings looks like agreat time and tehe good luck for explaing to ur mum about the poster :p

  4. That's always the most exciting part leading up to a con, when you see more and more people dressed up in cosplay the closer you get (○>ω<○)

    Congrats on getting your poster! I haven't made it through the entire series of K-ON! yet, but I got into after watching Lucky*Star, which I loooooove. Oh and haha, trust me, I've met blokes with worse things on their walls XD

  5. omg! so cute so cute!

    k-on k-on k-on!