Thursday, April 5, 2012

What a Wonderful World!

What a Wonderful World by Asano Inio

So I finally found it. This is the manga full of short stories about how morbid life can be for some people. I couldn't get it off my mind after mulling over it in one blog post a week back. As I said before I left off the manga when it came to a short story about a college student that spent most of her days lazing and occasionally going to work, then at night she would drink, relying on the drink to put her to sleep. What scared me about it was how strikingly similar it was to my own life. The reason why people drink at night after a long day of work or school, is to get their worries off their minds in order to fall asleep safely and soundly. Which is why I drink alone at night, there's a lot of things I worry about.

But really it's just another escape unfortunately- I must admit it. When I finally dug this title back up from the huge library that is, I went straight back to where I left off. The short story was actually shorter than the others, maybe for a reason. It was really anti-climatic, because I was looking for an answer to my anxiety, and my lackluster lifestyle of being laidback as fuck. The answer was really simple I guess. The main character of that story met up with her boyfriend the next morning after a night drinking. The had some small talk, and without any dialogue the girl came to a revelation by herself after reflecting on her own life and the lives of people around her. Finally she turned to her boyfriend and said "I'm going to quit drinking".

It was that simple, just stop drinking. When you drink in the way she and I have been drinking, we're basically running away from "Tomorrow". We're looking for a way to freeze time just so we can live in the present and enjoy our carefree lifestyle. But by doing that, it halts our progress in life ever so slightly, and the more you do it the more you're stunting your own growth. 

So guess what I did last night? I didn't drink. The past week I've been drinking everyday. I missed a few classes because I simply didn't need to attend them. But that's the wrong attitude to have, because again like I said- drinking and not moving forward to your "Tomorrow" is going to stunt your growth, and hell I'll say it, it might even ruin your life. 

Today was an amazing day, it really was. First of all from a dietitians standpoint, I'm not devouring 2 glasses of empty calories so it was great for my diet and my workout. My mind was also not cluttered with thoughts of being lazy, I wanted to do work. It felt great to have some motivation after sitting on my ass all week. Just  now I just wrote out another cover letter and sent my resume to another job opening! Hopefully I land this one...

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  1. great news :3 it's strange to think a manga would make you think of your own lifestyle, but it great that your making a postive change :) I should become more proactive :)