Friday, April 20, 2012

Productive Day

This is what I felt like today.

There are different phases people go through when the Finals week is coming as I have described before. The worrying, the procrastinating, and finally the acceptance and real work. Thanks to my group members being very forward about our final project, I actually got some real work done early for once. I mean I've done work early before, but it's always a nice spectacle to be seen when it does happen. I even wrote out two more cover letters to send out for a job as well, I just haven't actually sent them yet lol..

It's funny how some of the things you need to do are prioritized in such bizarre ways. My applications for internships and jobs are by far more important than preparation for an exam, because once you get your foot in the door- you're set for life (unless you screw up of course). Since I'm a Information Systems Major, I had to do case work and develop a system proposal for a company. I like the project since it seems pretty legit. I mean according to my senpais (grads) the work we've done in class is very very relevant to work in the real world. Hearing that from an actual analyst at a financial investment company is very promising, but of course landing a job like that will be tough.

So while I'm working on that project with my group mates, there's also an odd Sudoku paper I've got to write where I need to explain how I systematically pick apart the puzzle and solve it. I never really liked Sudoku but at least now I can finally say that I've completed a Sudoku puzzle. What I'm particularly worried about right now is my Statistics and my Accounting courses. The grading that was done in my stats course is so weird that I just don't know where I stand in that class anymore. The professor tells me that I'm doing fine, but my grades don't look that way, unless the values are all different. As for Accounting I just need to do very well on this Final in order to get by safely, because I bombed my last exam miserably ;_;. Accounting is so painfully boring, it's probably the most tedious thing to prepare for this semester. 

Besides that my friends have gotten so restless that they've decided to try out another game. One of my friends bought Aion in the past but none of us thought it'd be any good (we thought right) but now that its Free to play we figured it would be a fun way to burn some time. I honestly don't know how I got caught up in it but why not... I need to take breaks and try to have some fun anyway so I guess this will be my outlet for the end of the semester.


  1. it's good that you're taking breaks aswell as working hard! the gif. is how i feel :p

  2. /reply/ the exams are spread over 8 weeks so i dont have to cram too much but im so worried XD hope you're doing okay!