Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Busy Finals Week

Distractions... Distractions everywhere!

It's that time of year again, the few weeks before finals where everyone starts to become a recluse and do nothing but either worry, complain, or actually study for the finals. Honestly I'm not quite too sure what exactly I did this past week either. It felt like an entire month with what I've been doing.

Wake up -> Goto work -> Hit the bar

I think I mentioned it before in one of my blogs since I've come back, but my friend's awesome extravagant birthday party was last week. It was really fun. I don't even understand why it was so much fun, but I guess when you get so drunk with your friends things are more fun than they should be. I remember just chatting and playing a few games of beer pong. A few of my other friends opted to just smoke A LOT of weed. I mean they must have gone through like 6+ joints in that one night, crazy guys. Towards the end of the party I remember just walking around and eventually hung around my poker buddy who was playing heads up texas hold 'em with like $300 on two tables lol. I couldn't believe he was playing with that much money as he drank, but somehow he actual made a profit which was pretty mind blowing haha. Then once most of the crowd left I vaguely remember playing a 1v1 game of Starcraft 2 with him, and it only hit me then that I was probably going to pass out cold. To avoid sleeping on the floor I walked over to a bed and just fell over and passed out. I didn't know at first but as morning came I realized that I was sleeping next to a girl I hardly even knew, and she kept stealing the damn blanket... My buddies teased me for sleeping next to her the day after but it's really not much of a deal.

I wish I had played more beer pong, beer pong is a great way to get to know people and socialize since it breaks the ice for you. I remember just walking up to people and just talking to them at the last party, but it's a lot easier to do when you're more sober. Plus my Asian glow is very noticeable and I feel like it's kind of unattractive lol. But all in all it was fun, it's just a shame I couldn't get to know people more. There will be more opportunities at least.

Now I'm sitting in my school's library again, trying to study, but of course I am distracted by this and various other forms of media. I also still haven't heard back from companies I applied for internships for, so I hope they at least respond to me sometime before the semester ends.

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