Monday, April 9, 2012

Anime Boston 2012

So I just got back from going on a massive shopping spree during the three day duration of Anime Boston. I must say it is nice to have money at this point in life lol. Yes... I could have saved that money to pay off debts but man you just have to let go sometimes.

I bought a TON of stuff. I bought 4 volumes of Twin Spica, several artbooks, a bunch of T-Shirts, a few small posters, an autographed poster of Ito Kanako along with her latest album that literally came out a week ago, and three HUGE wallscrolls. I also managed to get a few charms here and there, an awesome Sena bag, specifically designed for convention life if I may add.

These wall scrolls were a lot bigger than I thought they were...

This year's convention was one hell of a harvest for me. My walls are completely decorated with stuff, it's really a great sight. The scrolls make up for their lower quality for their large size. I don't remember the exact measurements but it went along the lines of 44 inches x 30 inches, something like that. Having three of those around my room really made it much more colorful. At times like these when I want to take some pictures for whatever reason it is I wish I had a real camera (Canon). Because my camera phone just isn't all that great.

A medium sized high quality print

Besides the wall scroll I also had several of these smaller prints. They look just fantastic. I think this year I was just very lucky to bump into a dealer that had good connections to getting legitimate merchandise from high level circles in Japan. There was also a Sena artbook that I had bought with some amazing pictures. It really blew away everyone out of the artists alley here in Boston. I kinda felt bad for the artists next to the dealer because me and my friend were just raving about how high quality her goods were. I even got a free print because of my referrals =). 

A K-ON! Music Box
(lol @konata in the background)

The K-ON! music box that I bought was probably the most endearing piece of merchandise I took away from the convention. It plays a really melancholic tune with the traditional chimes from a typical old music box. That chime in conjunction with one of the tamer songs from K-ON! makes me feel really relaxed, it's quite nice. 

My gaming setup and MLG Mousepad

While I was taking pictures around my room I decided to take a picture of my desk as well. It's been a while since I took a pic of it, because I remember doing so a long time ago to post it on a teamliquid thread where everyone showed off their gaming setups haha. I'm pretty happy with what I have got right now. I've got an Insignia speaker setup for some awesome surround sound when  I play Starcraft or watch Starcraft. 

In fact on the monitor is the IPL tournament broadcasting live. I was in the middle of putting up my posters while I watched it. The keyboard is one of my prides as well, it's a mechanical keyboard. I bought it for $129, pretty hefty price for just a keyboard but it was well worth it. There are definitely better alternatives out there, but I just settled for the slightly cheaper Black Widow. It changed my typing experience forever, people's reviews for mechanical keyboards VS normal regular membrane keyboards are 100% right. You'll never want to go back lol. 

My MLG mousepad is stained with wine and various other foods unfortunately... I'm really disappointed in myself for getting it so dirty, but it's tough not to when you're drunk tbh. I have a ton of pro gamer autographs on it, if it weren't so dirty this mouse pad would be worth quite a lot of money.

Well that's it for now, it's starting to get late so maybe I'll put up the other stuff I bought later. 


  1. OMG HOW MUCH FOR A KEYBOARD?! i have to admit is does look really jazzy, does its change colour and you can add custom settings to some of the keys? thats really cool thats your mouse pad has so many signatures too :3 i wish i finished Kon so many things i havent finished :(

    1. Well it mostly stays blue but you can change the intensity of it. All the keys can be customized to your liking, along with 5 other macro keys that can record a string of keystrokes.

      It's expensive so I can only say that it's really worth it for either a competitive gamer or someone who types a lot haha. It makes writing blogs a breeze as well ;)