Friday, March 30, 2012

The Magic Words

"Don't worry" - Those are the magic words an adult says to a child to calm them down. It's as if everything in the world will go back in order with those words. However, when a child is no longer a child it's quite frightening to see that magic become broken. I actually came up with these magic words through reading a light novel. I'm really glad that I've moved from watching anime, to reading manga, and now presently I'm reading light novels- basically the real origin of all our favorite shows.

Right now I'm reading Toradora!. Reading a light novel is pretty no different from reading a book, except you're reading a book heavily influenced by the Japanese culture. Thinking about my taste of Anime since my middle school years, they've evolved according to how I matured.

Of course back in my middle school days I was enamored with ecchi lol. Well that shouldn't be a surprise, every boy going through puberty will start getting extremely interested in the opposite sex, although I can't say that that's the healthiest way to be interested haha. Going into high school, my taste broadened, and being the higher level nerd than most I began taking great care to dissect the shows I watched and promoted the great shows that came out from the 2000 - 2007 era. I basically watched nearly everything and also began reading mangas. I even checked out a ton of shoujo series, which was fun since my girl friends were really able to relate to them rather than my other genres catered towards men.

My early college years were horrific. Especially freshman year, one way to describe it is just me being pessimistic in a really facetious way. Quite embarrassing really, but that's not to say that when I get all moody it's not as equally as silly lol. I partly blame it on my lack of foresight and the ridiculous satire manga I read. The shit I read was poison. It was really scary, I mean at one point I remember very clearly that there was one short story (the artist followed a short story format) about a woman around the same age as I was who had the same issues when it came to drinking, half-heartedly taking classes, and basically just living a very a carefree lifestyle.

That scared the crap out of me lol. So I stopped reading brooding gloomy mangas full of satire. Although now sometimes I feel like returning to that one short story and seeing how it ended... yeah it was that frightening close to my life that I just had to stop. Nowadays I just read and watch comedy. Laughing is great. Laughing is one of the best remedies to a salty mood. But if I ever feel like digesting something more potent, I read light novels. Although the story and setting seem albeit a bit childish, the author is not, and when they share their thoughts on some things in life it's an interesting read,

Toradora!, despite it catering to high school students- the author really tried to assert himself into the book. His own life questions and such, so it was a really surprisingly good read. I've been reading it for the past month now, just on my commute to work and school. I shouldn't be too surprised that the book is finally coming to and end. An hour worth of reading everyday is enough to bring me to the end of the book. I just hope my next book will be as enjoyable.

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  1. i only watched the anime of toradora, but the ending was a major dissappointment, i was proud i finished it in a couple of day thoughs. i think it takes a lot of courage to say you read ecchi too :p