Monday, March 26, 2012

Getting Back

Well it looks like the work/school week has started up again.

After the whole ordeal over the weekend I was left feeling pretty rattled. I really needed to decompress. Sometimes I just don't know why I get caught up in things. It doesn't happen often, but when it does- it sucks. But as I have stated before, maybe I just need to learn how to enjoy life more than grumbling over to silly stuff. The problem with that is, by trying to release all your stress, either by partying and drinking, or just shutting yourself up away from the outside world, you're avoiding reality.

However, as pessimistic I am, I can't deny that there will be a time when I seriously just need to relax. Maybe I'll be a happier person if I had a girlfriend. Or maybe I'll be even more miserable? If I really had to choose a type of girl that I would want then it'd probably would be one that could understand what I really want to say or how I really feel. Fuck me for that being my number one priority in a girl, all my other guy friends just want to have sex, no surprise there. Unfortunately for me that approach is probably the only way to get a girl interested at this stage in life. It'd be too weird to have a guy who likes to talk so pessimistically. After all most people are just looking to have fun... didn't I talk about this before a long time ago?

I'm going to go to a party in a few weeks. Knowing the way my friend likes to run his parties, it'll be a wild one. I just want to see how I am now when it comes to drinking with a large group of people. In years past I'm known to get violent when I'm drunk.  Since then I've avoided parties for that reason, and going to a party without having a drink yourself fucking sucks balls. So I drank alone. I don't get completely shitfaced but I do get relatively drunk.

I just looked up the subject of drinking alone. It seems I'm not the only one, in fact I'm far from the only one who thinks that this whole drinking alone habit is a bad thing to do. It really just isn't. In fact I'm 100% that this it's just a taboo created by society to give judgment to those who practice such a thing with great prejudice. It's like hey, I drink a glass of wine every night, "YOU'RE AN ALCOHOLIC OMG" that's the average reaction you get when you tell someone that you drink alone.

But whatever that not's the point. The point of this blog entry was to outline the nice stuff that happened to me this weekend.

I went shopping with a few friends. Got drunk, friend drives me home. I'm nice and cozy and content. The end.

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  1. i hope u find a nice girl, hmm i think you get more from a relationship when there's more to it than sex, so don't put urself down for it (i'm sorry if you didn't put yourself down)

    I think its good youve avoided alchol because of its effects, i'm a serious lightweight, so i wouldn't trust myslef to drink alone in a pub. when im tipsy im easily convinced to drink more XD

    hmm avoiding reality once a while isn't a bad thing :)