Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cleaning Up

I thought I'd wait longer before coming back to this blog but I figured with what's been going lately now would be a good time to record my thoughts and feelings.

Lately I've fallen in love with these piano songs...

Looking back at my decision to take a step out of line of what is expected of an Asian-American bachelor (get your degree, job, save money, get married) I still do believe that there was no better alternative for me. Mental health, life experience, overall maturity- these factors I feel should be taken very seriously when deciding on what to do with your life. 

I must say, my decision to just join the Marines was a bit hasty, but the idea of joining the military was well thought out. Rather than the Marines, I decided to join the Navy instead with the prospect of getting good trade/work experience there...Marines on the other hand are a little more about killing people...

One of the Great Lakes in Ohio, where I basic training will be.
Hard to believe that this is a lake.

Besides the military stuff, a whole lot has happened. As always I learned and matured. It's odd how I find myself in an epiphany at one point in the year only to hit a new milestone in just the next year. There's always something about myself I could critique and reflect on. Maybe that's just how life is. 

Now in 2014, 22 years old now. I've achieved a new level of self-awareness,  self-confidence, strength & stamina, and a bit more discipline. Things like cooking and being more social are areas in my well being where I managed to get out of my comfort zone. I've gone as far as to go on a trip to the club, bring a girl out on a date, visit and hang out with my buddies on almost a weekly basis. This did a lot for my mental health. I can vaguely remember how in the past I would simply just keep to myself and not bother with speaking with my friends for weeks on end. Sure I am still an introvert, but it felt great to have people who I felt comfortable texting to and having a little bit of social interaction no matter how small it may be.

Today I cleaned my room. It's about time I did. Even with all the self-reflecting mumbo jumbo I did, my room was still a mess. Before I would at least take the time to clean up on a weekly basis but over time that routine had faded away and I ended just cleaning when things got out of hand... And yes I did clean again this time because my messy room had gotten out of hand. 

Fortunately I feel like I'm much more capable of taking on this issue. One of the things that I've realized now is that if you're unhappy or unsatisfied with something or your situation- you do have the power to change it. It's all the matter of actually taking charge and getting it done. A little easier said than done of course but I guess I've taught myself over time that I can change the way I live if I really just stuck to it for a few weeks (this stems directly from lifting). So although normally on a Thursday night after work I would be laying on my bed (the only clean place in my room) reading or watching something, I finally took the liberty today to do some intense cleaning. 

And there's still plenty left to clean. Especially with clothes. I would have to say that having an excessive amount of clothing sitting all over the place would one of the biggest leads to a messy room. Because hey, if you can't see or feel your messy floor then you'd feel fine right? Well it's still a mess, and if left untouched for long enough... it's just gross. Hopefully by this Sunday I will be able to go out and buy some nice containers from IKEA or somewhere cheap to get everything labeled and organized.  

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