Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sushi and a Date with a Girl


Okay this was a picture from a previous sushi night, I don't take pictures of food, usually the girls do but they haven't uploaded the pictures yet. From time to time my friends like to get together to have a massive sushi dinner. Usually I buy some fish and some snacks while the others buy other ingredients like avocados or shrimp. 

We probably had about 7lbs or more worth of sushi... It was A LOT of food. This was probably to compensate for the fact that the last time we had sushi we didn't make enough to fill us all up, except this time around we had half the amount of big eaters. I'm sure I only ate maybe about 2 lbs with beer before I threw in the towel. There was just sooo much left over. We really could've used a few bros to help out, and of course the girls only pecked at the food and enjoyed their thai tea. 

More girls need to realize that lifting won't make them big, but tight and sexy,

Saturday night before my date was my heavy squat day. It's amazing sometimes when I look back and see how far I've come in a year of training, and then becoming humbled by the fact that I still much more strength to gain in the years to come. Every serious lifter remembers his or her first lift. I still think back to the time when I first squatted a plate, 135 lbs and how hard it was. Yesterday I put up two plates, 225 lbs, and it felt just as hard. I did 225 for a triple while having failed 220 on my 5RM the week prior, so really that triple was brutally intense. Despite being used to squatting every other day my body still felt sore the day after that lift.

Unfortunately I got to the gym straight out from work, leaving me with only half an hour. After finishing the main dish I went straight for the dumbbells to get a pump in my delts and biceps. Gotta get that pump for my girl :)

This is the movie that we watched. It wasn't all that great :(

I'm still surprised at the fact that I'm taking this girl out on a date. Sometimes I find myself wondering how she feels about me so far although she gives me so many signals during our date. Perhaps it is the fact that she gives so many signals that it confuses me a bit. I haven't been this intimate with a female in such a long time. Not only that but the very last time I was genuinely interested in another girl I think was in junior year of university, and at the time I had already known of this girl just from working with her in class. With this girl, I pretty much started it off with a blind date after getting her number in the club. It was definitely a new experience, and it boosted my self-confidence even further knowing that I can pull these kinds of things off now. 

However, yet again I feel so silly for being so curious about whether or not she's interested in me. The reason I think it's so silly is because she's been so bubbly around me, plenty of touching and some rubbing during our movie date. I love the theater we had gone to because of how the seats were practically made for couples to cuddle with each other. That made it really easy for us to enjoy each others company. Anyways, I'm just not sure what this girl's deal is quite yet. I can only blame my inexperience for that. But I am having fun with her, I can't wait go to the club with her this weekend. 

Even as an introvert I would have to admit that dating and having a girl to talk to is... fun :)


  1. WELCOME BACK BIG GUY! * you could have sent some for me, I haven't ate sushi in a month...*

    I didn't know you could get a girl, most of my male friends have sort of tragic love lives * there's a few that waited since Primary for one girl, there's one that never gets the one he wants* but you seem to be going smooth with your lucky one, that's really great! I wonder what type of person she is, to have captured your attention, but anyways, hope you have an awesome time with her. And the fact that you're working out for her, that's actually really cute and nice at the same time...I wonder if you'll have the lean body with packs ( that look's really cool) or the full ripped one...that looks really weird on we Asians X"D and small sized people in general. You still drawing?

    I am so completely sorry ( for the whole barrage of questions X'D ), I haven't been online for like a whole month....and for the month to come, because of the mid year exams * I have trial and the real 3 months of my life go to exam this year* but just know, I'll be rooting at the sidelines for you X'D


  2. I randomly decided to check back on my blog and and you're literally my only follower lol. Glad you're still blogging although you seem to be running on an annual schedule too like me. It's good to see you're doing well!