Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Deciding what you want to do.

A few days ago sano asked a really good question in his comment. He basically asked what was it like in the art department of studies.

Because I used to be just a business student and nothing else, it was one hell of an experience to get into some art courses. It's completely different. The work ethic is like day and night compared to the business courses. By that I mean you could have a management class with one or two bozos lazing around and not caring about how each class they doze off in costs them $300+ or w/e it is. You will almost never see that in an art class. Never. For a good reason too.

Recently I've had a lot of mental conflict about how I've been going about with the things I love in life. I'm a really really laid back guy. It's one of my good points haha. It's one of the reasons why I get along with a lot of  people even if they are not on good terms with friends on the other end of the relationship tree. But that's also my problem, being too laid back.

I finished my dot project on the final piece of 19 x 24 bristol paper. It was horrible. Absolutely horrible. I went along with doing it with my usual swagger- "spend only a couple of hours on it, and not give much of a damn of how it comes out, it's all good as long as it is done." That sort of mediocre effort in an art course WILL show. And it will show it's ugly face in the most embarrassing way possible in an art course. Because when the projects are done, we hang them up for everyone to see. Needless to say, with a half-assed paint job and the obvious evidence that I had spent less than half an hour designing and laying out the composition- it was a complete disappoint. I even saw the professor sigh when he looked at it. I was the only one in the class who had done poorly, and everyone knew it.

So yeah it's a tough environment. But thats a good thing. If you truly love what you do, and you want to improve- you have to have people who will push you to become better. After the critique session, I knew that it was my calling. This is it, this is the time for me to really step up and really forge a career out of the things I love.

Money is just money, and money isn't everything. I used to believe that money was everything last year before I went on my "break". But in truth money really isn't what makes you successful. It's that fulfilling feeling you get when you accomplish something in a field you truly feel passionate for. In regards to Sano's comment & question, he mentioned about having trouble deciding between doctor or art. To be honest man, the right choice is always the one you feel more passionate for. If you really love helping people then aim for those medical schools, if you love art, go for an art school.

Here's real advice from a guy who already went through the "What do I want to do with my life phase". The biggest mistake I've ever made in my life was deciding on what school and major to take based upon how it would pay off and how difficult it would be to obtain that job, rather than choosing based on what I really love to do. It sounds cheesy, and some would call it risky- but following your dreams is actually the best decision you can make for your life. And you don't have to be too far from reality to achieve your dream. Some people say "I want to be a star", sounds silly right? But in truth you can come close to your dream by being realistic, while having an opportunity to still achieve it.

And you cannot be afraid. I was afraid, and I ended up wasting a year because of it. Even if things don't work out, you're still in a win-win situation, because then you'll come a step closer to figuring out what you're going to do for a career. I wasted a year trying to be a finance/accounting major, but it was also a worthwhile year because I found out that I really hated that form of business. Now I am completely content with my switch to Information systems (because I'm better than the average person with computers, and I love it) Major and Graphic Design Minor.

It's a struggle to achieve my goal of one day working as an graphic designer/illustrator, but I love everything about it.

Since yesterday after my failure I've been sketching non-stop. These are just a few of the whole lot I've been doing. I've been putting in a lot more effort now, and tackling those problems areas I've been having. It's gone to the point where I've tried new things like using guidelines to help me make sure everything is even like in the first sketch. Another thing I've been lacking is energy so I've had quite a few sketches like the first one at the beginning the sketch in the middle here, where I tried to give some humor or funny expressions. And then the dreaded female figure... sometimes I get it right, sometimes it's completely off. The one to the far right here is off in certain areas, it makes me want to throw a fit lol.

Instead of just taking a picture I scanned these from before. It sure looks a whole lot better scanned...

Well back to work, long blog is long.


  1. Thanks for the advice, Snuq-kun!

    Well, I have two more years to decide what course I'm going to take ( in Malaysia, we pick different streams when we're 16, so it's either the Art's Stream or Science Stream and the rest is history la...but I'm going to drop Geography if I can XDD) so yeah, I'll just choose whatever that comes in my mind.

    I have tried to get myself a sketch book but those things are bloody expensive here la =_=''' and I can't really find the size that I need ( either A4 or A5, the size of my 'Sano Book', I think)where I come from ( a small town by the name of Bandar Country Homes in the county of Rawang)

    When you eventually find one that has the right size, it's too thin and the paper sucks XDD

    Ah, the dilemma of an artist. Might as well save my lunch money ( it's getting pretty hard to...with all the stupid fees that I have...class donations for the end year party, prefect fees, club fees...WHY?) go to Kinokunia and try to find something cheaper XDD

    Your budding artist,
    Seiichiro Sano

    ps: Your female figures are great! Mine...haha, need more practice. ANd that last pic, rocks. Seriously * salute*

  2. That's really good advice. I'm in my senior year in high school, so I'm getting to the phase where I have to make decisions. I'm really thinking of going the route of biochemisty for medical research. I'm a really quiet and introverted kind of person, and stuff like lab work really suits that. Its also some really interesting stuff. The class I'm taking in biotechnology right now is REALLY cool! I find myself getting excited about stuff like microbiology and pathology and all kinds of -ology's. So far, I think I made the right choice ;)
    But who knows, I may change my mind and go into English later (not very likely...XP)

    And your drawings are great as always :)

  3. i love ur skectehs sorry to hear your proffessor wasnt too happy about ur work :( i agree i think ive wasted a year doing subjects im not going to succeed in and ones i dont exactly enjoy :(

    and i hope ur friends eye is okay and atm i dont fall asleep randomly so sleepinmg in contacts isnt too much if a worry :p thanks though ^^