Monday, February 14, 2011

Another Lonely Valentine's Day

For a man it could be either the best or the worst time of year.

Usually when I feel like blogging I have something really thoughtful to jot down. Something I would like to read when I take a look back on the blog. I had something real nice planned to write about but... I woke up this morning and realized it was Valentine's Day... Even worse I came to another realization that I woke up single on Valentine's Day! ;_;

To be honest I can't really complain about it, I spent the entire year working on getting my life on track and whatnot, and didn't even have a single serious thought about pursuing a love life of any sort. But hell, all of the neglect seriously comes back to bite you in the ass on this day. At least I'm not the only one haha. My pal Steve and I are going to go out in about an hour or so for lunch so we can cry about our ailing love lives haha. I'll probably have a glass of scotch later tonight or rum, it'll be a substitute for the warmth of a significant other at my side lol.... @_@

Okay Okay- thats my moping for today. This is still an art blog so of course I have art to show. Lately I've been super duper busy with papers and a few tests to work on in the past week. I quite literally couldn't find enough time to sit down and have a nice session of painting and drawing. Even on the weekend I had other painting assignments that I had to do for my art class tonight. In the end I've only gotten some sketch work done on a little anatomy self-study I did, a good lot of inking, and one watercolor piece in progress.

These are the sketches I was doing as a new approach to working on female figures. It turned out to help A LOT. Basically what I did was search up some new ways to draw female bodies, and came up with some really interesting references that actually went as far as drawing out the basic bone structures of the female body. I honestly felt like I was back in my physiology class laying out the bones of the human body haha. But thats when I made a huge discovery (well for myself of course)- female bodies are VASTLY different from males. I finally realized why all my female characters always had a hint of masculinity in their full body poses. Girls simply just have a lot more curves than you would normally think. Who knows, maybe if I watched more porn or something I wouldn't have this problem =_=; . 

So basically the hip area is really drawn out and exaggerated on a female body than a male. If I had to describe it, it has to have a nice "plump" feel to it for it to be considered a proper feminine body part. I never ever considered that a female hip could stick out so much because, hey, I've only got my own body to pull references from lol. In comparison male bodies are much more tubular, the only area they really pronounce themselves in is of course the chest area. There's also small differences in a male and a female, like the love handles. Male love handles always stick out, while female love handles are thankfully tucked in. Which is what makes a girl look sexy in a bikini or tight shorts with a semi short t-shirt. So the next time I have an issue with female proportions... I'll just look up human anatomy hehe.

I did a good bit of inking, and looking back on my blog I used to have inking problems. Well now it's no longer any problem at all =). If anything I've graduated to using color, my next obstacle. Inking is really simple and natural now so I didn't bother scanning over any other inked sketches. Instead I just have this incomplete water color piece. Water color is pretty difficult to control when you want to have certain values in the pic. Well in truth its probably because of my huge lack of experience in the coloring field, but hopefully I'll be able to hop over that curve once I get to use a computer instead. I wasn't able to finish this one because I was unsure of how to color in her skin. I'm really really scared of trying to mix water color paint, or trying to adjust its tone. Because if I screw up it'll be pretty damn scary trying to make it again. Well... I'll figure it out somehow.

Here's the latest thing I've done aside from my art class work. Using the stuff I learned I made a pretty a nice figure. Her arm is off a bit but my main focus here was to get all the right curves in her body. I honestly felt like I was drawing an alien because I'm just so used to drawing the simple shapes of a male body haha. But yeah, I'm starting to get a stronger and stronger grip on drawing female bodies so just a bit more practice and I'll have it down pat. I kind of want to complete this one though. I made little sketches and marks around her to figure out how to finish the pic but I'm not quite sure what to do. It's the 2nd last page in my sketch book too so I really don't want to waste it.

I'm really thankful to you guys who read this blog, I'm honestly surprised that people take interest in it. So I'll let you guys decide what to put in the background, and I'll do my best to pool the ideas together.

That's it for today, I'll be back in a few days or less with the things I really wanted to blog about.


  1. Hey Snug-kun!

    Join the club~ I've been single since birth XDD *shot* And I still seem to be giving out advice to couples and being a mock-boyfriend for my friends ( it's fun! Well, for me it is XD)

    Well, you should be glad that you didn't watch enough porn. That just means that there still are less corrupted people in the world unlike my peers and myself who read Yaoi ( m/m) so much that it's not normal to read Het anymore XDD *shot*

    Well, actually, they do stick out, a little~ Girls that still have their baby fat...even if they are quite skinny ( they're considered love handles, right?), it's quite noticable if they were body hugging clothing and such. Everything else...well, that's up to their body size in terms of height and weight.

    For the pink haired girl...mixing up batches of peach, ranging from really light ( pale coloured skin) to somewhat dark ( just a touch of Yamamoto Takeshi's or Xanxus's skin from KHR?) and use the lighing to your liking. Personally, just do some light shading here and there according to the lighting of the picture and it should be nice.

    I kinda do that for my drawings but I only began to use colours seriously November last year, ahaha...and I have been using colour pencils since I tend to destroy things when I use water colours when I'm not trying to do graffiti or just some design of things going on and on on a paper ( I know the sentence is wrong but you get the point, right? XD)

    Test it out on a sketch and see how you favour. If you don't get it in the first few tries, it's okay since we all make mistakes * learnt the hard way after I killed a piece of my 12th chara Tarrot Card, The Hanged Man because I didn't think about the colours and everything looked like it was done by a four year old, ahaha...I just wanted to get it done on time =_=;;*

    Erm...for the's for the drawing, right? Make it a a clear field like the ones you can see in 5 cm per second but a way simpler one cause those ones...are like trying to copy Mona Lisa 100% accurate ly down to the L and S letters in it's eyes and ( you have seen 5cm, right? History Reserches said that Mona Lisa's a guy and Leonardo's lover =w= my dreams have come true XDD)

    Or just a simple sakura falling down seen ( again, 5 cm inspiration) or just a simple background like...just some simple stuff such as a little colour or something * not a BG person...I have to get threated by my dad before I'll so anything like that*

    Your Friend,
    Seiichiro Sano

    And yes, that WAS A LONG COMMENT, SHOOT MEH IF YOU WANT * queue the mad laughter*

  2. awh valentines days isnt tht important people just another way for companies to make more money :p

    XD reading ur description of the female body made me smile ^^ i love the term love handles ^^