Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's New Day

I hate awful blogs. Like the one below this one >.<. It's really awful lol. I can't even look at it. More over I'm surprised that people have read it, but thank you to the people that have.

I guess you could say I'm in the midst of picking myself up, and I've decided a good way to go about it is to try something completely new. Which is.... writing =O!

Reading Manga, short stories, web articles, it's one of those little productive things you'd do that don't really get mentioned to friends. Before I was really big on drawing and everything, but lately it's been hard to sit down and try to create something that I really can be satisfied with. Everyone has their own little thing that they do in order to please themselves. Everyone has something that they do so that at the end of the day they can nod their heads and say "Hmm, yup that looks good to me." Maybe even after all these years, graphic art isn't for me =(, or maybe I just having been going about it the right way. Either way, it's become a bit too much of a hassle to try to put aside time as well as gathering materials to make art. So I thought, hey, maybe writing will be more convenient.

Being a big critic on anime and manga, I'm pretty sure I'll tear myself apart when rereading the crap I write. I went onto some community forums and the advice they gave me is to basically write my balls off and read a shit ton which I'm glad I already do.

This is probably why people make those blogs full of random stories. A while back I used to browse blogs to burn time and once in a while I would stumble upon blogs that would make absolutely no sense. There would be no beginning thought and concluding thought, and each entry seemed to be entirely different from one another. It was only until I did some minor detective work (searching further back in their history) to find obscure comments of what they liked and what they didn't like about their writing, that I understood that what they were doing was just keeping work in a safe place- the internet.

Not a bad idea, I did something like that too except with anime reviews. Most of them were awful, but the Minami-Ke one was my particular favorite, the best one I've made, and the last I've made since lol.

Well time to turn on some music and just make my fingers do work.


  1. well im glad ur tryin sumtin theres nu10 wrong wit changin ur mind on wat u want 2 work or do in life. a lot of ppl change there minds about certain jobs..some wanted 2 b a doctor but later on decide 2 b a vet cuz they lov animals or a photographer wantin 2 b an engineer goes through everyones mind of wat will i do when i get older? or wat will i aim 4 in college? trust me ur not alone okz :)

  2. Well, I'm glad that your happy! You should just do what your gut tells you ( and it lands me in trouble that my friends manage to get me out of everytime but would as if miracle happened X'DD)