Monday, December 3, 2012

Finals week

Quite a lot of things on my plate this week. A presentation tomorrow, an exam on Thursday, and tooons of studying to do. How much of it do I want to do? Hm, none of it haha.

But there's always a limit to laziness, or at least my own self-imposed limit. Eventually I sit down and grind everything out. I'm also really glad that enjoy typing out long papers. The analysis, the delivery, it's a nice a tickle to the brain. Anyways I was thinking to myself today about how easy my Major is compared to many other majors. 

Information Systems is different from Information Technology. Or should I say the term IT is basically an umbrella term for several branches of Computer Technology related "stuff" and IS is sitting just under it along with Computer Science and Computer Engineering. Although I say IS is relatively easy to work with in University, that doesn't mean it's not important, because really if it weren't important then why is it in the curriculum.

It's an odd relationship of how the workload of a Major has is compared to what you would actually do out there in the world. For example I've noticed that my friends whom are medical students, and grads have their work cut out for them pretty straightforwardly upon stepping onto the plate in the world. One of my friends is a pharmacist, he works late night graveyard shifts a few times a week, simple (yet important) work and he gets paid loooooads. But getting this job required more years in Uni and a ton of actual hard studying and exam taking to achieve. Going over to my field, Information Systems, all I really do is play around with some big conceptual things in business and system development. Then I have use the concepts I have learned to analyze data, and mold it all together into my own short thesis. According to how well I can conceptualize will determine how well I'll do when given actual project to work on in a corporate setting, supposedly.

The only problem with that is the fact that designing and developing a system software is very broad plane to walk on. A lot of things can happen, a lot of things go wrong. You can't effectively train for it, you just have to experience it. Maybe for that reason IS seems so easy as a Major, maybe people haven't found a good way to gauge your competency in IS.

This all only occurred to me once I swapped over to Computer Science for my minor. That shit is hard as fuck.

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