Wednesday, March 23, 2011

News on Current state of Anime-related things in Japan

People in Japan are stocking up on bottled water

It's been nearly 2 weeks since the last release of several series since the earthquake. Before in my last blog I had mentioned that it could be either the sources providing us with anime or the people themselves who help make the anime that could've have been been badly affected by the quake. Well I've just found out that it's the  mangakas, seiyuus, musicians... pretty much a broad variety of people within the anime industry have been affected in some way or another, and cannot continue work as a result.

Those are the 2 spreadsheets that I looked over to find that information. Hopefully the unconfirmed people are safe and sound, it has already been confirmed that Kakoi Hiroshi, the 1980 Astro Boy animator, former Macross series animator then producer, has died. When someone like the animator for Astro Boy dies, its just really really tragic...

I've been going down the list of unconfirmed people and I really think I'm going to go to church for once and pray for these people, seriously its a huge loss for anime fans everywhere if these people are in trouble. I really just wish there was another way to help them directly rather than donating =(.

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  1. Oh my god, Snug-kun, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    Thank god Amano Akira and Toboso Yana are safe and sound...I was begining to worry about them...well at least I can tell my Naru-tard friends that their mangaka is safe.

    But still...Kakoi Hiroshi has passed on..that's sad since Astro Boy was one of the earliest anime I watched...and well, even thought I can't really remember it that well but such a great force behind turning one of Ozamu Tezuka's numerous watching it won't be the same, even if I do kinda only watch it sometime ^^''

    Akeke, sorry XD I didn't blog for a week...well cuz I was lazy and all...well...yeah '''OTL

    Your Friend,
    Seiichiro Sano